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We have only one naming rule! Please follow it!

on 15th May 2017, 1:19 pm
Since most of the things that we say here are pretty ridiculous, and could get us in trouble/potentially spoil our online/real life reputations if our employers or family saw, we enforce a naming rule/convention that everyone must follow.

  1. Your name must be a combination of an adjective and a random brand name. Examples include things like "finemcdonalds", "volcanicdisney", or "obedientrolex".

If you do not follow this one rule when you sign up, your username will be changed by an moderator. If you see someone who isn't abiding by the naming rule, please report one of their posts and select "non-conforming name" as the reason.

In the future, we may change our naming rules. Those with already abiding usernames will not be forced to change them but will have the option to.

If you are having trouble coming up with an appropriate username, try using this generator for ideas.

Additionally, please do not fill out your profile past setting your birth date and gender. Doing so voids completely defeats the purpose of having these rules.
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